Key Environmental, Inc.
Fabric Installation
Integrated Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment
Investigation, Remedy Selection, Design, CQA, OM&M
Project Activities
  • Site Characterization, Including Soils, Groundwater and Sediments
  • DNAPL Mobility and Collectability Assessments
  • Remedy Selection and Regulatory Negotiations
  • Detailed Design of all Remedial Components
  • Permit Applications (Army Corps. of Engineers, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and Various Local Authorities)
  • Construction Quality Assurance Including Testing of Nearly One Million Cubic Yards of PDM
  • Air Monitoring During Construction and Demolition
  • As-Built Documentation / Reporting
  • Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring
The project site is a 170-acre former major coke and by-products chemical manufacturing facility located along the Hackensack River in Kearny, New Jersey. The site is being addressed via an Administrative Consent Order between the NJDEP and the former site owner. DNAPL and various other COIs were found to be present in river sediments, surface and subsurface soils, and groundwater. Of additional importance was the presence of chromium in surface soils on portions of the site. The selected remedy for the site included:
  • Steel sheet pile retaining wall / bulkhead
  • Cement / bentonite slurry wall
  • Capillary breaks for prevention of chromium vertical mobility
  • River sediment removal and restoration
  • On-site consolidation of impacted soils and sediments
  • Solidification / stabilization (S/S) of potential source materials
  • Wetlands mitigation
  • DNAPL recovery and passive groundwater treatment
  • Building and tank demolition
Construction of these appurtenances is complete and a corresponding as-built documentation was submitted to the regulatory authorities. In addition, over one million cubic yards of Processed Dredge Materials (PDM) were imported and placed to achieve site design grades that are suitable for redevelopment.
Completed a numerical constituent fate and transport model to successfully support the selection of a natural attenuation remedy for site groundwater.
Processed dredge materials were successfully utilized to achieve site design grades that are suitable for redevelopment. The Owner is currently receiving offers for potential property lease or sale.