Key Environmental, Inc.
Leachate Evaporation
Geocomposite Cover System and Leachate Management
Geocomposite Cover System, Leachate Management, Investigation, Design, CQA, OM&M
Cover System
Project Activities
  • Site Investigation
  • Detailed Design of a 40-acre Geocomposite Cover System, Leachate Collection System and Leachate Evaporation System
  • Bid Solicitation and Review
  • Construction Quality Assurance
  • Preparation of a Groundwater Monitoring Plan (Approved by ADEM)
  • Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring
This site is a 40 acre former industrial waste landfill located adjacent to an intermittent stream. The Site was originally closed in 2001. However, leachate was subsequently found to be impacting surface water and groundwater in the surrounding areas. High salt concentrations in the leachate resulted in cation exchange with the native clay material, generating low pH conditions beneath and adjacent to the landfill. The generation of leachate was determined to be exacerbated by a previously installed but ineffective soil cover. KEY designed a multi-layer geocomposite cover system to reduce the influx of precipitation into the landfill contents. KEY also designed a leachate collection system for the perimeter of the landfill, to intercept subsurface discharge from the Site. Finally, KEY designed a lined evaporation basin system for the management of collected leachate. All aspects of the design were approved by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM). The new cover system has been installed, and the leachate collection and evaporation system components have been constructed. Evaporation of leachate from the lined basins is enhanced with aerators and the basins are protected from rainfall accumulation via a translucent roof. The evaporation system has been effective at reducing costs associated with off-Site management of the leachate. The new cap and leachate collection system have been effective in reducing the offsite migration of leachate, and the site impacts have been greatly reduced.
Site impacts have been greatly reduced by the construction of a multi-layer cover system and leachate collection system.
Leachate is managed by evaporation, thereby precluding costs for active treatment or disposal.