Key Environmental, Inc.
Leachate Monitoring System
Seep Management - PA Act 2 Program
Investigation, Remedial Design, Construction, Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring
Leachate Treatment System
Project Activities
  • Site Characterization, Including Soils, Groundwater and Sediments
  • Site Conceptual Model
  • Bench Scale Treatability Study
  • Detailed Design Modifications
  • Materials and Equipment Procurement
  • System Construction
  • Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring
This 150-acre site was historically used for management of an alkaline process-related slurry in surface impoundments.  Although the former impoundments were closed, covered, and re-vegetated, high pH leachate containing various metals manifested itself at the toe of the former impoundment slopes.  KEY provided technical support with respect to the design (by others) of a collection and treatment system.  Appropriate system modifications and process control improvements were made by the design firm in response to KEY’s comments.  KEY was ultimately selected to oversee and manage construction of the system including quality assurance oversight.  Collection trenches, collection structures, conveyance piping, an acid storage facility, and an agitated mix tank and discharge line were fabricated and installed.  Barren areas were mulched and/or subjected to sulfur addition as a pH and direct contact control mechanism.
KEY was also selected to operate and maintain the system, and subsequently implemented additional system enhancements, including the installation of a supplemental seep collection headwall and conveyance piping and supplemental toe drain installation to capture additional leachate.  KEY’s design support activities resulted in a substantial reduction of the complexity of the system and subsequent process improvements, including but not limited to selection and use of a less costly mineral acid, providing substantial cost savings to our client.  In addition, the regulatory agency appears to be pleased with the outcome of the project, particularly in light of continuous improvement of system performance.
KEY’s system modifications and subsequent process improvements provided substantial cost savings to our client.
System performance is monitored remotely via a web-based system using real-time communication software.