Key Environmental, Inc.
Hydrogeologic Map
Release of Liability - PA Act 2 Program
Site Investigation, Risk Assessment, Construction Management
Project Activities
  • Subsurface Investigation
  • Geophysical Investigation
  • Fate and Transport Modeling
  • Construction Oversight for Soil Removal
  • Final Report for the Site (Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection)
The project site comprises 51 acres and was active as a creosote wood-treating facility from 1912 to 1974. From 1974 to 1990, the property was used as a pole storage yard. The site is currently vacant and was addressed under Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling Program (Act 2). Groundwater flow at this site is complicated because past industrial activities resulted in artificial recharge and discharge zones. The complex groundwater hydraulics presented a challenge with regard to resolving the fate and transport of COIs in groundwater. KEY designed and supervised a drilling and testing program to determine the hydraulic interaction between alluvium, bedrock, and a coal mine void. The testing results revealed that bedrock was unsaturated, indicating that the alluvial aquifer was draining to the coal mine void via conduit-like flow. In addition, geophysical techniques were used to identify a saturated fracture zone connecting the overburden aquifer and the coal mind void. The advanced aquifer characterization and fate and transport evaluation cleared the way for an Act 2 “Release of Liability”. The final remedy included a combination of isolated soil removal, institutional/engineering controls and a demonstration of natural attenuation in groundwater.
Low-cost institutional & engineering controls and a demonstration of natural attenuation in groundwater were utilized to minimize the requirement for soil removal, and precluded the need for active groundwater remediation.
A “Release of Liability” was obtained, within the Act 2 regulatory framework.