Key Environmental, Inc.
Impacted Sediment Removal
Temporary Stream Bypass and Sediment Remediation
Design, Construction Quality Assurance
Restored Stream
Project Activities
  • Geotechnical Evaluation of Unstable Adjacent Hillside Areas
  • Detailed Design Including Temporary Bypass Channel
  • Permit Applications (Army Corps. of Engineers, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, and Various Local Authorities)
  • Preparation of Construction Drawings and Technical Specifications
  • Bid Solicitation and Review
  • Construction Quality Assurance
  • As-Built Documentation / Reporting
Historic operations at a Manufactured Gas Plant had resulted in contamination of nearby river sediments with NAPLs.  The selected remedy for the site was excavation of the river sediments “in the dry”, accomplished via construction of a temporary channel to reroute river flows and facilitate dewatering of the targeted excavation area.  Excavated sediments were to be solidified on site prior to offsite disposal, and the excavation area was to be restored to its original character.  The project was complicated by an adjacent property of significant historic/archeological significance, the potential presence on site of an endangered species (wood turtle), and high river flow and water levels following significant rainfall events.  All of the required regulatory approvals were obtained for the project, remediation was successfully completed in the fall of 2007, and an as-built report was prepared to document conformance of the activities with applicable specifications and requirements.
Sediment removal was conducted “in the dry” to alleviate potential for downstream dispersion of potentially impacted sediments.
The selected sediment removal approach greatly reduced the volume of potentially impacted water that was collected for treatment.