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Services - Defining the Problem
Problem definition sets the stage for all future site action. This phase typically includes researching the site history (forensics), determining the present-day site chemistry (investigation) and evaluating site conditions relative to environmental risk, government regulations, and associated cost-benefit "course of action" strategies (assessment).
Forensics Investigations Assessment  
Database Review
Historical Records
Administrative Records
Regulatory Requirements
Online Resources
Multimedia Sampling
Focused Analyses
Real-Time Data Acquisition
Physical Characterization
Chemical Characterization
Compliance Audits
Database Management
Compliance Assessment
Fate and Transport
Statistical Evaluation
Risk Analysis
Cost-Benefit Evaluation
Industrial Hygiene
Site Solutions    
Aerial Site View Rough Grading
Performed a Soil Remedial Investigation and developed a drum removal plan based on a review of historic data. Performed site investigation through remediation, including OM&M. Optimized required remediation. Developed a cost-effective and focused subsurface investigation based on geophysics and historic site data. Implemented a MNA under CERCLA at a former wood-treating plant and coal tar distillation facility.
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KEY provides support throughout the problem definition phase focusing on strategic, end-point driven testing, comprehensive database management and common sense risk analysis.