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PA Act 2
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the Solution
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Services - Ensuring Performance
Post-remediation activities are required at most sites including operations & maintenance (O&M) of onsite systems and monitoring of media.
The effectiveness of the solution is determined based on site monitoring and media sampling and analysis. The implemented remedy typically requires ongoing operation and maintenance, institutional or engineering control that require periodic inspection, while more complex engineered solutions require ongoing O&M.
KEY provides these onsite services and as multi-year monitoring results become available, supports clients by recommending and negotiating with regulators to reduce monitoring, inspection and reporting frequency as data warrants.
  KEY has obtained reduced monitoring requirements
and "No Further Action" status for many sites.
FTS: A Key Environmental, Inc. OM&M affiliate company
FTS staffs professional environmental technicians who can provide expert OM&M support for established remedies at reasonable cost.


Site Solutions
Improved performance of alkaline leachate collection and treatment. System pH is monitored online off-site. Reduced O&M costs by 75% under RCRA at a 72-acre former MGP site. Proposed and obtained SCDHEC approval of a streamlined groundwater monitoring plan.  
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