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KEY Projects

Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

A former oil terminal located in New York City represented a major challenge for redevelopment. Located along a major waterway, the site also has easy access to rail lines and interstate highways providing an excellent location for the transfer of goods. However with decades of industrial activity on the site, meeting the strict New York state regulations as well as a modified Order of Consent was going to be a challenge. The KEY project team went to work with the developer on meeting the challenges. The 675 acre site required over 4 million cubic yards of fill material to cap the site and raise the area above the flood plain. This was going to require a plan for receiving and placement of the fill along with meeting permit requirements. KEY developed an Engineering Work Plan (EWP) for submission to the NY Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC). Key also provides waste acceptance and placement services, groundwater and air monitoring, data management and reporting services.

In just a few short years the site has gone from forgotten to hope as new buildings are currently being constructed on the site. Most recently IKEA has begun negotiations to construct a 975,000 square foot distribution center, while Amazon has already signed to construct an 855,000 square foot fulfillment center. To read additional information about these two new facilities please click on the following link: IKEA/Amazon.

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Coal Power Facility

KEY is working with a liability transfer company to address engineering activities associated with closure of a former electric generating station in Ohio.  This 1,425 megawatt unit operated for 61 years.  KEY provides technical support for cancellation of NPDES and air permits as the facility closes and structures are demolished.  Several Coal Combustion Residue (CCR) ponds are being closed.  One pond was closed traditionally with a clay cap and leachate collection system.  Another pond will be closed using KEY’s patent pending Sustainable Habitat Closure.  Through this state-approved approach, the client will save millions of dollars in construction costs and at the same time will provide green space and wildlife habitat.  An added benefit is the reduction in long-term operation, maintenance and monitoring costs.

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Coke and By-Products Plant

The project site is a 170-acre former major coke and by-products chemical manufacturing facility located along the Hackensack River in Kearny, New Jersey. The site is being addressed via an Administrative Consent Order between the NJDEP and the former site owner. DNAPL and various other constituents including chromium were found to be present in site media. Remediation includes a cement bentonite slurry wall, sediment remediation, DNAPL recovery and in-situ geochemical stabilization, accompanied by long term operations, maintenance and reporting.

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Manufactured Gas Plant

The high cost of operating a groundwater treatment system at a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) prompted a client to seek an alternative solution. KEY’s reputation for managing NAPL-impacted sites came to the attention of the client.  KEY redesigned the treatment plant to make cost-effective use of the existing infrastructure that would meet the NPDES permit requirements.  The redesigned system eliminated a 30,000 square foot building and replaced it with a 1,000 square foot structure.  Working with the client, KEY was able to convince the state that the system could operate as a passive groundwater recovery system, resulting in additional cost savings.

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Wood Treating Site

This 100-acre former wood treating site is located in New Hampshire along the Merrimack River.  Railroad ties and utility poles were pressure treated using creosote, which resulted in the presence of DNAPL in subsurface soils.  KEY and its affiliate FTS were involved in the investigation and remediation of the site.  Remediation was complicated by the complex geologic conditions and the site’s location beside both a navigable river used for recreation and a city park.  KEY prepared remedial design documents, obtained permits, performed construction oversight, and led the public outreach efforts for the project.  Remediation planning and design was conducted in support of future redevelopment consideration for this valuable property.

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