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Riverfront Redevelopment Project


A former oil terminal located in New York City represented a major challenge for redevelopment. Located along a major waterway, the site also has easy access to rail lines and interstate highways providing an excellent location for intermodal commerce. However with decades of industrial activity on the site, meeting the strict New York state regulations, preserving over 200 acres of wetlands, as well as a modified Order of Consent was going to be a challenge. The KEY project team went to work with the developer on meeting the challenges. The 675 acre site required over 4 million cubic yards of fill material to raise the area above the flood plain and preserve the wetlands. This was going to require a detailed plan for receiving, placement, and tracking of fill. KEY developed an Engineering Work Plan (EWP) for submission to the NY Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) that met development needs. Key also provides waste acceptance and placement oversight services, groundwater and air monitoring, data management and reporting services. In just a few years the site has gone from forgotten to hope as new buildings are currently being constructed on the site.


Capping of the site with amended dredge materials and soils

Testing and receiving protocols for the material

Beneficial Use Determination (BUD) and Acceptable Use Determination (AUD) protocols

Grading and placement plans

Stormwater management plans

Wetland delineation

Plans for air monitoring, groundwater monitoring, site operations, and health and safety